Joe is available to be booked for seminars or private tuition. He can teach creative forms, tricks kicks and flips and weapons, including Nunchaku, Bo Staff, Kama. Joe is fully quallified to teach and coach with instructor and public liability insurance and he is enhanced CRB checked.

Seminars can be at a venue of your choice or at his fully equiped dojo with a gymnastic sprung floor, crash mats, springboad and a 40mm matted area in Yeovil.

If you are looking to expand your club's interest, and give students a different outlook on Martial Arts, this could be for you and your club. Joe's seminars are dynamic absorbing and will inspire your students from beginner to advanced.

You and your students will be amazed at their achievement even on the first seminar. You will learn things which you have only seen in the films like "The Matrix, Ong Bak, Street Fighter and Hero"

Joe can also organise tours for top martial artists from around the world from various disciplines including Tricking, Free Running/Parkour, MMA, Screen Fighting, Points Fighting and Light Continuous fighting the list goes on.


Joe is proud to offer you and your students for a extra cost to the seminars the use of a top of the range Air Track (Inflatable Tumbling Track). Joe will bring it along to the seminar and will incorporate in the session. This is a great chance for your students to learn advance moves on a safe inflatable. They will learn Walkovers, Handsprings, Front Summersaults, Backward Summersaults, Backward Flicks, Roundoffs, Side Flips the possibilties are endless. Joe is the only person offering the use of an Air Track to clubs, making their seminars NO1 in the UK.

Dimentions of the Air Track - 9 metres (Length), 3 metres (Width) when inflated

So if you are interested in booking Joe for any seminars / private tuition or to organise a tour please contact Joe by clicking here.

Joe is the UK representive for Team Loopkicks the world renowned tricking team who have been making waves across the globe for many years. They are the pioneers of the tricking world headed by Chris Devera. Some Former Loopkicks members have moved into the stunt and film world bringing the tricking to the mainstream. Joe ran the Loopkicks South West event and the Vince Johnson UK Seminars for the team. So if you would like to know anything about Loopkicks Joe is your man!