The most frequent question I get asked is “Where do I train?” and the second one “Where can I learn this stuff?” This month I have decided to give you a small directory on open sessions that are available to you. Choose one near you and attend and learn the basics right up to advanced tricks.

Whether you are beginner or an experienced tricker everyone can benefit from these sessions. A lot of people are scared to attend them because they don’t know anyone who goes and they are expecting some cocky egotistical people who won’t help you. This is far from the truth. Obviously each session will have the odd unhelpful person but the percentage of people will be happy to help you because they remember being a beginner. Each centre is fully equipped with gymnastic sprung floors, crash pads, blocks, spring boards, trampolines/trampettes with coaches on hand to add their expertise to your training.

I hear you say “I haven’t got a training partner” well I do sympathise with you on this as I used to train for many years on my own, which took a lot of self motivation and determination on my behalf but it’s not the best option. Firstly its always good to have someone there to add their advice when learning new moves remember they can see what is going wrong, secondly you will bounce off each other and be more motivated to try different things and last but definitely not least if you were to hurt yourself (hope you don’t) your partner will be there to help and get assistance. We are so privileged these days to have so many free networking sites to use and meet new people so use them to your advantage. Log on whether it’s Facebook, Myspace, Bebo or Twitter to find people who are interested in Martial Arts, Tricks, Forms, who are based around your area. I am sure there will be a few. Make groups and events on these sites, plan to go to one of these open sessions together on a certain day, believe me the atmosphere in the centre will be electric and adrenaline pumping and you will learn faster.
And your last excuse for putting off attending these sessions “I haven’t got enough money”. Lucky for you these sessions are all set at a very reasonable and affordable price for hours of training in top facilities around the country. So here is my small directory of open sessions around the UK, If none of these are around your area have a search on the web there will be at least one near you, you just need to find it.

MK Elite Cheerleading
Unit 25
Burners Lane
Kiln Farm
Milton Keynes
MK11 3HA
Every Friday 6pm – to whenever - only £5 or £10 for the weekend and an option to sleep in the gym.
Contact - mikey.french@live.co.uk

New College Leicester Gymnastic Centre,
Glenfield Road,
LE3 6DN.
Every Monday 6.30pm – 9.30pm - £8 for 3hours or £4 90 minutes

Basingstoke Gymnastics Club
The Active Life Centre
RG21 6XR,
Wednesday – 8.30pm – 10.30pm +16 Years
Friday – 7.30pm – 9.15pm +8 Years
Saturday – 4pm – 6pm / 6pm – 8.30pm +10 Years
£6 for 2 hours or £12 for 4 hours
Contact – 01256 352858 Email – info@basingstokegym.co.uk

East London Gymnastics Club
1 Triumph Road
E6 5LW
Day time – Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10am – 1pm
Tuesday/ Thursday 1pm – 4pm - £5 all sessions
Night time - Monday (Mixed Class) 8pm – 9.25pm
Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 8pm – 9.25pm £5 all sessions
Email - eastlondongym@aol.com

City of Bristol Gymnastics Centre
Teyfant Road
BS13 0RF
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7.30pm – 9pm all £5.50
Contact – 0117 377 3420 Email – gymnastics@alm.co.uk
Website – www.bristolgymnastics.co.uk

Spirit Gymnastics Centre
16 Oxford Road (Reema House)
Penn Mill Trading Estate
Yeovil, Somerset
BA21 5HR
Every Sunday 1pm – 4pm only £5
Contact Terrie Rogers – 0752 354 1754
Email - rogerscasaloco@aol.com

Infinity Martial Arts
Unit 2 Termare Close
Houndstone Business Park
Yeovil, Somerset
BA22 8YG
Every Friday – 5.30pm – 7pm only £5
Contact Joe Hallett – 0786 506 2234
Email – info@infinitymartialarts.co.uk

Make sure you contact the centre prior to attending there sessions just in case the details have changed! There are also sessions in Northampton, Rugby, Birmingham (GMAC) search for these on the web again all at reasonable prices.

To finish this month I have heard some very sad news, Dragons Gym in Derby is closing down. I and many other trickers have great memories from open sessions we had there and I hope another centre will fill the huge gap it will leave for the tricking community; thank you Damien Walters for opening the doors to us, it was much appreciated.